Apple to Launch 7.85″ iPad in 2012?

You can put away the hacksaw; there’s no need to cut down your iPad to get a smaller model.

Digitimes is reporting that Apple has an iPadling in the works. According to their sources, Apple has placed orders with LG Display for a 7.85″ screen. This new smaller iPad is predicted to launch before the fourth quarter of 2012. The new smaller screens have also been ordered from AU Optronics, and screen production is expected to start at the end of the second quarter of 2012.

Digitimes has also heard that Apple will alunch 2 ipads next year; the iPad 3 is still rumored to launch in the next few months.

I believe there is some truth to this rumor. Do you know the surest sign that Apple is working on a smaller iPad? It’s that Steve Jobs hated the idea. You see, Steve dissed both a flash based iPod and ebooks, and look what Apple makes today.