Apple to Hold Press Conference on Heels of iPhone 4 Woes

Following weeks of speculation about iPhone 4 reception problems and a bad review from Consumer Reports, Apple told reporters last night they will hold a press conference tomorrow. No other details were given.
All Things D broke the news: “Late Wednesday afternoon, the company said it will hold a press conference this Friday (July 16) at its Cupertino headquarters. Its topic: the iPhone 4. Apple offered no further details beyond that, but given the events of the past few weeks, it’s likely we’ll be hearing quite a bit more about the iPhone’s reported reception problems and Apple’s plans to address them.”
Our sibling blog PRNewser had this take on the whole affair: “A few days after some tech PR executives told us that Apple ‘needs to address’ a Consumer Reports report that did not recommend the iPhone 4 due to antenna issues, the company has said it will hold a press conference tomorrow … Apple rarely holds press conferences, besides those that are tied to the launches of its products and services.”