Apple to Call Tablet iSlate? Say It Ain’t So


Please let this Apple tablet rumor be false. During the holidays, MacRumors dug up some dirt on Apple revealing the company had purchased the domain name in 2007, presumably as an online home for a new device.

Here’s the relevant bit of the story; the domain name’s owner is currently concealed, but MacRumors found a copy of older registration documents with Apple’s name still on them: “it seems Apple’s name was temporarily exposed as the actual owner of ‘’ for several weeks in late 2007. It was changed back within a few weeks, but MacRumors has found the historic record proving Apple ownership of the domain.” Click over to MacRumors to see a scan of that very historic record.

Ok, so Apple owns This blogger hopes they dump that name into what must be a sizable domain name graveyard on the Apple campus. iSlate? Could they choose an uglier, stupider sounding word? “Pod”–a word Apple has forever changed–is a nice word, fun and pleasing to say. It makes one think of space travel, undersea exploration and other things the most intrepid humans do for the greater good–like listen to music. “Slate” however, sounds like something heavy and boring and old. A big rock in a path, a personal-sized chalkboard in a one-room school house where the first graders and the eighth graders studied the same lesson at the same time.

Here’s a mockup with the included stylus. This is how Apple is going to revolutionize the future of reading? Ugh.