Apple Says the DOJ’s Proposed Antitrust Remedy Would Give Amazon a Competitive Edge

Apple has responded to the DOJ’s latest proposal for an antitrust remedy claiming that the latest proposal would give Amazon a competitive edge.

The DOJ has suggested that Apple drop its 30% royalty fee charged on eBooks sold through the apps of eBook retailers including Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Apple lawyer Orin Snyder said that this would give, “Amazon a significant competitive advantage over Apple.”

Last week, the Justice Department filed emails between Steve Jobs and Phillip Schiller, which illustrated a connection between charging the royalty fee and fighting with Amazon over apps. Snyder claims in his response that the timing to introduce new evidence is wrong:

Now – after the trial is over and this Court has ruled- is not the time to adjudicate a whole new array of legal and factual issues based on evidence that is outside the record and which largely post-dates the events at issue. Apple’s treatment of Apps used for the consumption of digital content on Apple devices is outside the scope of and time frame of this Court’s decision…

The entire document is embedded after the jump. (Via GigaOm).

Snyder Letter