Apple Tablet Tied to $60/Month Verizon Fee? Ugh! Give Me Tethering or Give Me (ok maybe not that)

If these speculations are true…

Barron’s: Apple: Verizon To Get iPhone 4G In June, Canaccord Says Exclusive: Apple Tablet Heads to Verizon

…Verizon is going to be a beehive of activity later this year. The question is: Can Verizon’s 3G network withstand the onslaught of iPhone 4G and Apple Tablet users? If not, they can expect to hear and read a lot of critical commentary about their network.

On a related note, I am concerned with the speculation of typing the mythical Apple tablet (iSlate, iPad, iWish) to a $60 per month Verizon wireless data plan. I already pay enough in wireless voice and data fees per month. I don’t need another $60 per month ($720 per year) payment to stare at. Here’s what I’d rather see: I’ll dump my AT&T Wireless contract, add another line to my Verizon account (I have a Droid on it already) and let me tether my Apple tablet to one of those phones (I don’t care which) for free or some reasonable fee (say $20 per month).