Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup: Tuesday January 5th, 2009

Want to compare and contrast Apple tablet coverage? Welcome to the second on eBookNewser’s regular series of Apple Tablet Rumor Roundups. Yesterday everybody (including us) was responding to The Wall Street Journal’s story stating, with a high degree of certainty, that the tablet will indeed be unveiled late this month. As the coverage builds, it looks more and more like the tablet will be essentially a very powerful media player–something between and iPhone and a MacBook.

The Wall Street Journal’s
John Paczkowski serves up a video update on the now-confirmed late january Apple event. He’s confident it’s a tablet announcement

The Guardian (UK) rounds up a number of tablet rumors in this post, explaining why the App Tab will kick the Kindle’s butt, and speculating it will ship in March.

Publishing Perspectives wonders whether the tablet will do enough to justify its pricetag.

MacRumors mines a french Apple rumor site for info about iPhone OS 4 and the accompanying SDK, plus a tablet simulator for software developers. This same site also speculates that the tablet may be very different from the Internet rumors.

And here’s Mashable on the same news.