Apple Tablet Announcement Rumor Roundup: Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Apple tablet rumor mill is spinning like crazy since Apple sent an invite yesterday to the January 27th event. We thought we’d round up all the coverage of the invite announcement, just so you know what everyone is saying.

TUAW is polling readers about what Apple will actually call the tablet.

MacRumors heard that the January 27th event will not only unveil the tablet, but also iPhone OS 4.0 and a new release of the iLife software suite.

Mashable has the same story, and breaths a hopeful sigh of relief that the Apple tablet rumors will finally come to an end.

Finally, the Guardian‘s technology blog has a lengthy post speculating about various content partners for the tablet, and has a bunch of references to UK press.

And perhaps the funnest post: once again from TUAW, speculation as to what the invite tells us about the product itself. This one’s funny–check it out.

Over the next week, you’re likely to hear very little that’s not about the Apple tablet. Brace yourself.