Apple Sued for MP3 Market Monopoly in Taiwan

Macworld is reporting that Taiwanese MP3 manufacturer Luxpro filed a lawsuit against Apple saying that it attained dominance in the MP3 market through monopolistic behavior.

Luxpro wrote in the lawsuit that “Apple has sought to stamp out the competition using various schemes” and “has repeatedly used unfair tactics against other smaller manufacturers,” according to the report.

There’s a little history behind this one. Back in 2005, Apple sued Luxpro for claiming that the latter company’s “Super Shuffle” portable MP3 player for being too similar to Apple’s own iPod Shuffle. Apple won, and Luxpro renamed it the Super Tangent, but Luxpro eventually won on an appeal, saying at the time that “Apple’s unlawful legal strategy caused Luxpro to lose valuable market opportunities and a considerable amount of product orders.” And so it continues…