Apple Stores to Open Earlier This Morning to Sell iPad 2???

If you didn’t stand in line for hours on end last week Friday afternoon for a chance to buy an iPad 2, you may have a chance to do so on a hit-or-miss basis this morning. As AppleInsider notes:
Some Apple retail stores plan to open early Tuesday for iPad 2 sales
The big question is what does “some stores” mean. AppleInsider contacted a number of Apple Stores and did not get a definitive answer. The stock of iPad 2 in Apple Stores was gone at most locations before the end of the weekend. Apple’s online store shows a 4 to 5 week shipping estimate. However, some stores (maybe all) are apparently getting a shipment unpacked this morning. So, start calling, tweeting, and checking with Facebook contacts to determine if your Apple Store will be open early (9am) to sell you an iPad 2.
Do not be surprised if only certain models and colors are available!