Apple Store App EasyPay: Shop in an Apple Store Without Every Dealing with Apple Staff

The speculation last month was that the new Apple Store app would be available last week and introduce a new way to shop in the physical Apple Store. It emerged a few days later than anticipated. But, here it is now. Version 2.0 of the Apple Store (iTunes link) app. The new app goes way beyond letting you see what is available in the online Apple Store.

The app’s Personal Pickup buy an item that can be picked up from a nearby Apple Store. The physical pickup can be made within an hour of purchase. EasyPay is a DIY (Do It Yourself) function that lets you buy something in an Apple Store without interacting with any employees. You do this buy scanning an item’s barcode and making the payment using the app itself. Both Personal Pickup and EasyPay are only available in the U.S. EasyPay requires an iPhone 4 or 4S to use. EasyPay does not require any checking (aside from completing payment with the app) before walking out of the store. It is not clear how Apple is preventing theft with the EasyPay system in place.

One final new feature is the ability to track the status of previous orders.

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