Apple Stomped Out Ideas of Transcoding Adobe Flash Apps for iPhone OS

On January 28, I reported:

Adobe Packager for iPhone Also Able to Turn Flash Apps into Native iPad Apps

Then, just a few weeks ago on March 30, I noted:

Greystripe Bringing Flash Ads to the iPad Without Adobe Flash

Both products use a technique called “transcoding” that takes Adobe Flash apps and converts them into a form that can be run withou Adobe Flash on an iPhone.

Well, according to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, any fear of “Flash”-ing on an iPhone or iPad are now groundless:

New iPhone Developer Agreement Bans the Use of Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone Compiler

In a press release, Greystripe CEO Michael Chang noted that: he challenge that Apple faces is that they require HTML5, while almost all digital advertising is built in Flash. However, with all all due sincere respect for Mr. Chang, while Adobe Flash is currently a dominant force, HTML5 is clearly the future. One could have said 10 years ago that Palm OS was the mobile platform of choice for app development and been correct at the time. However, today, a decade later, Palm OS gone. iPhone OS, on the other hand, is definitely an important mobile platform.