Apple Settles Canadian iPod Lawsuit

If you’ve got a very old iPod and live in Canada, listen up: Apple has agreed to settle a pair of class-action lawsuits in Canada alleging it misled customers about the staying power of their iPods, the Associated Press reports; it’s the latest courtroom truce over the dwindling battery life of early generations of the device:

“According to a court document, the Cupertino-based company is offering credits for its online store of about $44.75 to people who live in Canada and bought certain iPods there on or before June 24, 2004. To be eligible, the battery life of their iPods—while continuously playing music—needs to have dropped to five hours or less for the first and second generation of the device and four hours or less for the third generation.”

Back in 2005, Apple did something similar for U.S.-based customers, offering $50 store credits or $25 in cash refunds for owners of early iPods who said their batteries didn’t last as long as they should.

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