Apple Removed Video Conferencing References From Latest iPad SDK Beta – A Bit of Misdirection?

Those of us hoping for a surprise appearance of a camera in the soon-to-be-released Apple iPad would probably do well to postpone that dream for a while according to

iPad SDK 3.2 beta 4 removes Video Call/Chat references

Of course, Apple has been very clear since the day of the announcement that the first generation iPad does not have any built-in camera. But, I think many of us hoped that there was some add-on option that would be made available as a surprise release to enable video conferencing on the device. This latest find puts a big damper on that idea.

Of course, it could be that the next iPhone/iPad SDK beta release will restore this function. Apple is a tricky bunch. I wouldn’t put it past them to create misdirection and confusion even a few days from the start of iPad pre-ordering.