Apple Releases Faster and Most Innovative Browser – Safari 4

Frankly, I’ve never used Apple’s Safari browser before. I kept on getting a prompt from the iTunes Store asking me to install Safari but I didn’t since I’m already using 3 browsers – IE8, Firefox and Google Chrome. I said don’t need another browser. When I read about the Apple announcement regarding Safari 4 Beta, my curiosity prevaile and so I downloaded the browser on my laptop. Was I disappointed? Certainly not. I’ts interface is cool and innovative and it’s fast loading.Safari 4 Browser according to Apple is the world’s fastest and most innovative browser that works in both Mac and Windows platform. And if you’re still doubting whether it is really fast, a benchmarking test for IE, Firefox and Safari 4 prove that it is indeed a fast browser.

Built on the most advanced browser technologies such as the Nitry JavaScript engine, Safari executes JavaScript up to 30 times faster than IE7 and three time faster than Firefox 3. It also loads HTML pages three time faster than IE7 and 3 times faster than Firefox 3. JavaScrip also offers innovative features including visual preview of frequently visited pages, full history search and more.

Still not convinced? Well is a rundown of Safari’s features:

  • Top Sites,
  • Full History Search
  • Cover Flow
  • Tabs on Top
  • Smart Address Field
  • Smart Search Field
  • Full Page Zoom
  • built-in web developer tools
  • a new Windows-native look in Safari for Windows

So are you going to download Safari 4 beta? Or are you contented with the current major browser that you are using?

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