Apple Provides iPod VoiceOver Update & Fixes iPhoto When Used with iPhones

Apple was very busy this week. It released a huge Mac OS X 10.6.3 update followed smaller three smaller updates last night. Two of the updates had a mobile angle to them:

VoiceOver Kit for iPod

This update is for the 5th generation iPod nano and 3rd generation iPod shuffle. I don’t see indications of what is new or fixed in this update. I turned off this feature on the iPod nano I use because it behaved oddly (badly) when connected to an external speaker.

iPhoto: About the iPhoto 8.1.2 Update

This update has a bunch of mobile related changes:

– Resolves an issue that could sometimes cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly when connecting an iPhone 3GS.
– Displays the iPod icon for iPod Nano (5th Generation) correctly in the Source list.
– Resolves an issue that prevented syncing photos to iPhone, iPod, or AppleTV if a slideshow in the library used a song containing an ampersand (&) in the filename.
– Enables support for importing photos from iPad to your iPhoto library, as well as syncing photos to iPad.