Apple Predicted To Sell 32 Million iPads In 2011

Will the iPad be responsible for half of Apple’s growth next year? One Wall Street analyst thinks so.

Apple Insider has more: “Robert Cihra with Caris & Company issued a note to investors on Friday noting that Apple’s growth is ‘stunning.’ He said the company has managed to effectively create its own growth through innovation, while its competitors are lost ‘in a sea of otherwise commoditized hardware.’ In the December quarter, Cihra expects Apple to sell 6.7 million iPads. He has also projected the sale of 32 million iPads in fiscal year 2011, accounting for more growth in Apple’s bottom line than the iPhone.”

If Apple does sell 32 million iPads next year, this may be troubling for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other manufacturers in the business of selling dedicated eReaders. But the question remains, will iPad users choose the iPad for their digital reading needs, or will they still turn to a dedicated eReader for digital reading?