Apple Placing iPad Between a Phone & Conventional Computer in Terms of Upgrade Policy

MacRumors dug through the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) and noted information indicating that iPad owners will get a free upgrade to iPhone OS 4.0 expected this summmer. However, the licensing information also says: Such updates and releases may not necessarily include all of the new software features that Apple releases for newer iPad models.

Future Apple’s iPad OS Upgrade Pricing Policies Revealed as Apple Seeds GM iPad SDK, Firmware and Licensing Agreement

My interpretation is that:

1. The core iPad operating system will be upgraded for free to 4.0. However, new Apple apps included with new iPads in the 4.0 timeframe will not be included.

2. The iPhone OS 5.0 (presumably available in the summer of 2011) will be a paid upgrade for first generation iPad buyers (like me).

This may seem odd to iPhone owners who have received a series of free full-featured updates. However, iPod touch owners will remember paying for two past platform updates. And, Mac OS X users are familiar with the concept of paying for both core updates (Mac OS X itself) as well as bundled apps (iLife updates are purchased separately from OS X).