Apple Says It Has Paid $2.5 Billion to Developers, Seen 14 Billion iOS App Downloads

Apple revealed a few key statistics about momentum in the iOS ecosystem today at its San Francisco developer conference today.

First off, there have been 14 billion downloads of apps, up from 10 billion in January. Android, in comparison, had seen 4.5 billion app installs as of May 10, up from 3 billion announced three weeks earlier on its earnings call. Based on these numbers, it’s possible that both platforms are now at the same runrate in terms of app downloads.

Apple also said it has paid a cumulative $2.5 billion out to developers, up from the $2 billion figure it shared in March. That suggests that the company has seen $3.6 billion in iOS app store revenue to date before the 70 percent cut is paid out to developers.

The company also added it has 225 million accounts and credit cards on file, on the back of more than 200 million cumulative iOS devices sold. Google said on May 10 that it had seen 100 million devices activated.