Apple On Track To Sell 8 Million iPads This Quarter

Apple is on track to sell 8 million iPads this quarter, according to some rough estimates from All Things Digital.

Here is more from the blog: “Apple has sold 25 million iPads since launching the device on April 3, 2010, iOS software chief Scott Forstall said yesterday. And as Ticonderoga analyst Brian White reminds us, the company had sold 19.48 million iPads by the end of its March quarter. Which means it sold at least 5.52 million iPads in the first two months of the June quarter. So assuming demand for the device remains consistent and sales continue at a similar rate this month, Apple is on track to sell 8.28 million iPads in the June quarter–quite a bit more than the Street’s consensus of 6.5 million.”

With more iPad sales, this could result in more eBook sales. Yesterday Steve Jobs announced the iCloud, which makes it easier to purchase and transfer eBooks from computer to tablet. This could make people more compelled to shop in iBooks, which is currently not as popular as the Kindle or Nook store.