Apple Offers Free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases


Apple is giving away free bumpers to iPhone 4 owners and is offering a new iOS 4.0.1 free software update to help solve antenna algorithm issues.

GDTG quoted Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a live blog feed: “A lot of people have told us the bumper solves the signal strength problem. Okay. Great. Let’s give everyone a case. We want to give everyone is going to get a free case.” You can apply on Apple’s website starting next week. If you’ve already bought one, Apple will refund your money through September 30th.

While Apple is taking a customer friendly approach, Jobs didn’t accept all of the blame. The conference opened with a song that concludes: “If you don’t want an iPhone 4, don’t buy it.” Jobs blamed ‘Antennagate’ on media hype and physics. In a press conference today, the Apple chief pointed out that despite bad reviews, .55 percent of iPhone 4 customers “have called about the antenna or reception.”

According to AT&T data, Jobs said, “The iPhone 4 drops less than ONE call per hundred than the 3GS. Less than one.”

He also said it was an industry problem. Comparing the iPhone’s antenna issues to other phones, Jobs said that the BB Bold 9700 and the HTC Droid Eris and Samsung’s Omnia 2 all have similar problems. “They drop from four or five to one, pretty much identical to the videos on the web about the iPhone 4,” he concluded.

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