Apple to Offer TV Show Storage in the iCloud

Also offering more shows through Apple TV

Apple has signed new deals with television companies to expand its iCloud service, allowing users to store their TV shows and access them remotely on Apple devices, reports the New York Post.

In a statement to the Post, Apple said, “iTunes in the Cloud now lets users download previously purchased TV shows to their iOS devices, Apple TV, Mac, or PC at no additional cost, just like music, apps, and books.” As part of the agreement, Apple customers will also be able to buy a larger range of TV shows through their Apple TV devices.

Although Apple had to face tough negotiations with record companies before it announced its cloud service in June, sources said that talks with the TV industry were much smoother because piracy isn’t a major concern with television studios—the only shows that users can store in the cloud are ones bought through Apple.

A source told the Post yesterday, “All of the major TV providers signed agreements with Apple to permit this new offering.”

This latest announcement is expected to help boost sales of TV shows through the iTunes store, because now customers will be able to store the shows on iCloud instead of clogging up their hard drives with large files. “Storage space locally was a significant barrier to purchase,” a TV industry source told the Post.

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