Apple Newsstand for iPad a Hit for Conde Nast & Other Digital Magazine Publishers

On October 13, shortly after the iOS 5 became available for the iPad, I noticed something that caused me to digitally mutter Apple Newsstand for iPad the best thing to ever happen for digital magazines. I said this because six of the top 20 grossing iPad apps that day were digital magazines or, in one case, a digital newspaper: GQ, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Popular Science and the New York Times.

It appears that my observation is now supported by data from at least one well-known publisher, Conde Nast. Conde Nast has credited Apple’s new iOS 5 Newsstand for spurring digital magazine sales. Subscriptions for Conde Nast digital magazines went up 268% while single issue sales climbed 142%.

Conde Nast digital subs soar 268% after iPad gets Newsstand (Electronista)

Note that these digital magazines were available for the iPad at the same price prior to Newsstand’s availability. So, these sales spikes can be properly attributed to the new digital publication portal app.