Apple Maps for iOS6 Not Working Out Quite as Well as Apple Had Hoped

When Apple released the latest iOS update yesterday they left out the Google Maps support in favor of their own new maps service, Apple Maps. Unfortunately for Apple, they didn’t quite work the bugs out before launch.

Quite a few early adopters are reporting all sorts of bugs, map and location errors, and some awfully funny images. Take the one at right.

As you can see, Apple has succeeded in pancaking the Statue of Liberty.  That 300 plus foot tall monument is now flatter than a dime.

And that is not the only mistake. There’s a whole slew of similar images on Twitter. They’re being shared under the #ios6pocalypse hashtag, and some are just as funny as this one.

It’s well worth your time for the snickers alone. And if you run out of funny images on Twitter, there’s also a new Tumblr blog which launched just to cover these goofs:

The Amazing iOS 6 Maps