Apple Looking to Enter Home Media Server Market?

In a follow-up to yesterday’s story about HP’s MediaSmart Home Server, which lets users stream their music library anywhere, there is news that Apple might be considering the same approach. Rumors are flying as to what, if anything, Apple plans to announce at this year’s Macworld, and some are thinking that an Apple iTunes home media server might be on the list. speculates as to some of the features that would be seen, such as integration into Apple’s MobileMe offering. Support for this can be found in that while in the past MobileMe really only made sense for owners of Apple computers, MobileMe has been pushed to Windows users to install along with Quicktime, iTunes and other Windows-compatible Apple products. 9to5 also speculates that the device would act as a general backup device for Apple products.

Below is a user-made picture of what the device might look like: