Apple Launches New Ad Campaign for the iPad

Apple started airing a new commercial yesterday for the new iPad. Like past commercials this one  focuses on the many things you can do with the iPad, including:

  • Mail – “Send a note”
  • Newsstand – “Stay informed”
  • Vimeo  – “Catch a show”
  • Numbers – “Make your point”
  • iPhoto – “Make a memory”
  • Paintbrush – “Make a masterpiece”
  • iBooks – “Read something”
  • Videos – “Watch something”
  • iBook (again) – “Learn something”

It’s an pretty looking commercial, but after yesterday’s Microsoft Surface announcement, the iPad no longer looks quite as impressive as it used to be. Microsoft managed to release the tablet that many of us wanted the iPad to be from day one, not the super iPod Touch that Apple shipped.