Apple Launches iPad To Deafening Hype

Apple officially launched its long awaited tablet device today, the iPad. As with most Apple product launches in recent memory, the media coverage and hype has reached a deafening level.

The notoriously secretive Apple PR department managed the launch with no major leaks — except for one to The Wall Street Journal — which was rumored to be intentional.

We’ll wait and see as the official product reviews come in, but as of now, Apple is stealing attention from President Barack Obama himself, as he prepares for tonight’s State of the Union address.

Our sibling blog eBookNewser has been chronicling the launch event, which notably did not include a live video stream. “Doesn’t Apple’s vaunted PR team recognize the immeasurable value of feeding video of the launch of its new iPad directly to the rest of us?” asked Flatiron Communications Founder Peter Himler.

Whatever the company’s reasons for not streaming the launch event live, the decision reinforces one of the great paradoxes in terms of beloved brands and transparency.

For all the talk how important it is for companies to be more open and transparent in this new media world we live in, Apple is one of the most secretive companies, especially when it comes to PR and marketing, yet it is also one of the most loved brands.

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