Apple Is Collecting Location Information

Apple recently made a change to their privacy policy with information that it can track any iPhone’s location in real time. The disclosure prompted two members of Congress to request that Apple provide details about the data collection, which they have done in a 12-page response. Every 24 hours locations of cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, and GPS coordinates are encrypted and sent as a batch to Apple. Apple says it needs the data to make its products and services better for their users.
If you own an iPhone and don’t want to share this information with Apple you can turn location services off. On iPhones running iOS 3 or older you must turn the services off within each app that uses them, while iOS 4 provides an operating system level setting by tapping Settings, General, Location Services. Keep in mind that if you turn off Location Services you will not be able to take advantage of the location-based features of many applications.