Apple iPad Pre-Order is On, Apple Just Made Me $500+ Poorer

True to what was announced last week, Apple has started accepting pre-order for its much talked about product – the Apple iPad. And while everybody else is probably still thinking right now whether they are going hit the pre-order button or not, I closed my eyes, took a plunge and just made Steve Jobs $553 richer. Yes, I did pre-order the Apple iPad, and I’m proud of it.So how was the experience? To tell you frankly, it was kind of uplifting to be part of this whole process. From the anticipation, to the online discussion, to the countless hours of reading articles that praised or criticized the iPad up to a moment ago when after clicking the refresh button of my Chrome browser – the store was up again. And there it was the iPad pre-order page – waiting for me to partake of this while shenanigan which Apple has mastered through the years.

Call me nuts or what ever but hey, this is the first time that I’ve participated in something like this. When the iPhone hype hit the web, I couldn’t participate. I couldn’t line up outside an Apple Store to be the first to grab an iPhone, simply because the region where I am currently located wouldn’t have the iPhone for a year after it was released in the U.S.

Thanks to the wonders of online commerce, the geographic and time barrier has been taken down. And thanks to a friend who agreed to receive my order, I am now one of those who can’t wait for April 3 when Apple will ship my iPad to my friend in the U.S. who agreed to send the iPad to me.

So, are blindly taking the plunge? Or have you placed a pre-order already? Which one did you get?

For those who are planning to placed their order, here are the different iPad models that you can pre-order.

Expect additional charges such as recycling fee and appropriate taxes to your total cost. I got the 16GB WiFi iPad model with a price tag of $499 but my total cost upoin check out amounted to around $553.

So, now the waiting begins.