Apple iPad Mini Up for Pre-order & Already Out of Stock

Apple’s newest and smallest tablet is up for pre-order today and, once again, demand exceeds supply.

Reports are coming in from the UK that the initial supply allocated to that country by Apple has already run out; the 7.9″ tablet is now showing a two week delay on new orders.

And the news is almost as bad in the US. The white iPad Mini model is already sold out in the US, and it too is showing a 2 week shipping delay. Luckily for us the black model seems to be less popular; it is still available with the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage options.

And the new iPad 4 is also still available; I guess this tablet doesn’t have the same appeal as its smaller sibling. This comes as no surprise; the iPad 4 only adds a few minor upgrades to the existing iPad 3 and you can walk into a store and buy that right now.

Speaking of which, the current iPad is on clearance at a number of retailers. If you act fast you might be able to get one for 10% off the retail price. You might even get a greater discount, though the only offer I saw was for the 10% off.