Apple iPad Launch Finds PR Hitting On All Cylinders


The Apple iPad officially becomes available this Saturday, April 3rd. Apple put out a press release on the matter yesterday.

As usual, Apple’s PR machine is executing rather flawlessly, with news of sold out pre-orders, analysts stating the company may ship up to 10 million iPads in 2010, and also the release of video tours of the product in action.

At least one PR executive doesn’t think marketing can take all of the credit, however.

“I’m not surprised at the pre-order sell out, but it’s probably more than just marketing-driven. Estimating demand is hard, and it takes time to build inventory. Marketing is taking advantage of the sellout, of course, but probably not the driver,” Andy Getsy, co-founder of tech PR agency Atomic PR told PRNewser.

“Apple PR always does their job to perfection it seems. Truly,” said Brew Media Relations founder Brooke Hammerling. She previously questioned the product’s name, but did tell us this week, “there is a genuine curiosity around this new device.”

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