Apple iPad Accessibility Features Gives eBooks a Voice (if publishers allow it)

It is a sure bet that we’ll be learning a lot about iPad features in the weeks leading up to its April 3 delivery. Engadget notes that the iBooks ebook reader works with the iPad’s VoiceOver feature to read ebooks out loud.

Apple’s iPad Will Read Books Out Loud, Support Free E-Books

Of course, it remains to be seen if book publishers will have this feature selectively turned off as it is on Amazon’s Kindle. The iPad accessibility information page…

iPad Accessibility Features

provides more information about the VoiceOver feature. It is essentially a screen reader that can read any text on the iPad’s screen out loud. Its main purpose is to help visually impaired people use the iPad. VoiceOver is available in 21 languages and works with all iPad built-in applications.

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