Apple iOS5 for iPhone to Include Japan Earthquake Warning Notifications Support

Japan has had an Earthquake Early Warning system in place for its residents since October 2007.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) provides residents in Japan with Earthquake Early Warnings. This is a new system that issues prompt alerts just as an earthquake starts, providing valuable seconds for people to protect themselves before strong tremors arrive.

What is an Earthquake Early Warning? (Japan Meteorlogical Angency)

9to5Mac found that Apple’s soon-to-be-released iOS5 for the iPhone and iPad has an option to support the Earthquake Early Warning system.

iOS 5 includes early earthquake warning notifications for Japanese iPhone users (9to5Mac)

I’m sure that those of us who live outside of Japan would appreciate early warning systems supported by our mobile phone carriers and smartphones for all kind of natural and manmade disasters: Everything from tsunamis to forest fires to massive traffic incidents.