Apple Gives Developers a Taste of iOS 4.3 in Beta

Apple just gave a peek at what’s to come with iOS 4.3 — new four and five-finger gestures, the ability to remotely play video on TVs with AirPlay and better support for interstitial ads.

The hotspot feature Verizon unveiled yesterday, which allows an iPhone or iPad owner to share their Internet connection with other devices, is reported to be coming with version 4.3 as well.

New features with today’s release include:

  • Fresh media player APIs that will let users remotely play video on other devices through AirPlay. However, this requires the AppleTV Software Beta.
  • New ways to support interstitial ads more directly in content. A new ADInterstitialView class will make it easier to support full-page ads for magazine-like layouts.
  • Better statistics for video-viewing that let developers see how many people are watching or the number of dropped frames in a video.
  • There are also new types of gestures for four or five fingers. A swipe up will reveal the multitasking bar and a swipe left or right will switch between apps.