Apple Hires Former Nike Exec to Expand Its Social Media

Musa Tariq goes to work for CEO Tim Cook

Apple surprised the marketing world five months ago when it launched a Tumblr account, its first social media presence. Up until that point, the brand seemed adverse to social.

But now that the tech brand has hired former Nike digital exec Musa Tariq, could we soon see more of Apple on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? Tariq revealed his move on Twitter yesterday by changing his bio on the social site and tweeting playfully: “My first day of school. Hope the other kids like me."

As Apple’s digital marketing director, Tariq brings with him success at notable companies such as Nike and Burberry. At Burberry, Tariq launched a campaign called Tweetwalk, which showcased backstage images from the London Fashion Show before they were paraded onto the runway. While at Nike, Tariq is credited with launching a viral ad campaign that focused on athletes talking about a new shoe design without showing it.

How Apple is going to use Tariq’s talent is unknown at this point. But the Silicon Valley Business Journal, speculates that Apple CEO Tim Cook may be assembling a team that will figure heavily in Apple’s plans to design and market wearable technology, including an iWatch.

Although Tariq's role has not been publicly detailed, his hiring may signal a major shift at Apple to promote its well-known brand on the aforementioned list of social media sites. Currently, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company only employs Tumblr and Facebook—and only uses the latter to promote iTunes.

Lastly, the Tariq hiring, according to several outlets, could represent another move by Apple to distance itself from its longtime ad agency, TBWA.