Apple Has Best Year Ever, Mattel Worst in Annual PRWeek Book of Lists

angry truck.jpg

(Mattel’s “Sarge” car is angry about being recalled)

PRWeek‘s annual Book of Lists is always a fun reminder of the best brand and people meltdowns, as well as the winners of the year.

In the wake of millions of recalled toys, Mattel’s VP of Corporate Com Lisa Marie Bongiovanni lands the #1 Toughest Job title, while the company earns the #2 spot on both the Test Events for Crisis Pros, and Brands that Sunk list.

Despite some of the usual backlash, Apple scored the top spot on the Product Launch (iPhone), and Brands that Soared lists, with Steve Jobs earning the #3 spot on Communicators We Liked to Hear.

Neither Mattel or Apple made it on either buzz/bored corporate blog lists however. No problem, Fake Steve is holding down that Job.

Click through for Best Stunts, blogs, agency sites, political quotes and more. Alas, Ron Paul didn’t get on Meet the Press till after the list closed. Look for “Soft Fascism” on the buzzword list next year.