Apple Filed Patent for Active Stylus with Accelerometers… in 2008

Commeting on a interesting iPad drawing tutorial app, I noted that while the app’s pencil sketching tutorials were quite good, it didn’t make sense to me to learn pencil drawing techniques using a finger tip on an iPad. In fact, after trying a Pogopen on an iPad, I would say that the current generation of broad tipped styli isn’t a good analog for a pencil tip.

Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook by Walter Foster: Good Tutorial, App Crashes a Lot, a Finger is Not a Pencil

According to, Apple filed a patent for an active stylus that may go a long way to address the issues I have with drawing on the iPad’s display.

Apple Takes Huge Steps towards a Graphics Pen for iPad

PatentlyApple reports that the stylus could include one or more embedded accelerometers adapted to transmit positional information to the touch sensor panel. The bad news is that this patent was filed way back in 2008 (before the iPad was released in 2010). So, it may be a while before we actually are able to buy a stylus from Apple.