Apple Facing Lawsuit Threats from iPhone Game & App Developers

As the iPhone platform grows and matures, there will inevitably be complaints. Just recently, Apple caught flack from developers after it announced a refund policy that allows users to return any app at any time. While the concept seems harmless, it forces the developers to pay back the full amount of the sale as well as Apple’s 30% commission. Now, some developers are complaining of another “bump” in the road – this time, that payments from Apple are coming in late.

According to the developer terms, payments are supposed to be made within 45 days of the end of the month. However, there are a number of claims and complaints (more here) regarding long delays in payments. In fact, via a forwarded email to TechCrunch, one developer reports not being paid since November of 2008. To top it off, the developer’s extensive email complaints were classified as “bordering on harassment” and was told that the Apple finance team couldn’t get to it “right away” due to the vast volume of daily emails. After 4-5 months, this is hardly a proper answer.

The neglect and poor customer service has taken its toll on those developers, and many of them are sick putting up with the alienating company and now threaten to sue Apple for breach of contract. Whether or not these claims are true, the number number of complaints certainly suggests that something is amiss.

The contract terms can be found here.