Apple Express Lane: Will it Reduce Genius Bar Visits from iPhone, iPad, & iPod Owners? Only if it Gets Better Web Navigation


Apple pushed out a new customer support self-service web site named Express Lane. You can find it at:

Note the “https”. Pointing your browser at the URL above auto-directs to a secure site (SSL). The fastest way to start is to tap the “My Products” tab (see screenshot above), login with your Apple ID, and start looking through the support options.

Unfortunately, navigation is mostly one way. If you drill down to a dead (or simply uninteresting) end, you need to restart the sequence. You also need to constantly hit the continue button after acknowledging your device’s serial number.

Express Lane looks somewhat useful and appears intended to reduce appointments at the closest Apple Store Genius Bar. It may actually do that if people use it. But, I think it needs a lot of navigation redesign work.

Via MacRumors: Apple Rolls Out ‘Express Lane’ for Customized Product Support