Apple Estimated to Sell 5-6 Million iPhones This Weekend

Apple’s new iPhones are now widely available and the company is expected to sell 5-6 million this weekend. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster made this prediction in a note to investors.

In the note, Munster predicted that Apple will sell about 2.5 million iPhone 5S devices and about 3 million iPhone 5C devices.Mashable obtained the note, here is an excerpt from the site:

‘We believe that Apple will likely sell all of the 5Ses they will produce for launch weekend,’ Munster wrote in the note. ‘Based on Apple not taking online pre-orders for the 5S, which we believe was to avoid customers immediately seeing delivery times for 2+ weeks out, we believe the 5S is more production-constrained than the iPhone 5 was at launch, likely due to the addition of the finger print technology.’

Reports are already circulating that the new gold iPhone is sold out until October.