Apple Does Not Want App Users To Be Able To Track U.S. Drones

Drones+ iPhone App from Josh Begley on Vimeo.

For the third time in a month, Apple has rejected Drones+ an app designed to help people track where U.S. drone planes are planning to strike.

Wired has the story: “The company’s reasons for keeping the program out of the App Store keep shifting. First, Apple called the bare-bones application that aggregates news of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia ‘not useful.’ Then there was an issue with hiding a corporate logo. And now, there’s this crude content problem.'”

Josh Begley, the program’s New York-based developer doesn’t think that this is a fair response, since the app does not produce images of people who have been killed. Quite the contrary. The app gives warnings to people in risky areas of potential attacks, so that they can get out of the area. The content comes from a public database put together by the U.K.’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism. We’ve embedded a video demo of the app above.

Begley told Wired: “If the content is found to be objectionable, and it’s literally just an aggregation of news, I don’t know how to change that.” Do you think this app should be banned?