Apple Counts Down To 50 Billion Downloads

Apple’s App Store is about to hit 50 billion downloads and the company has created a countdown clock to mark the occasion.

The customer who is lucky enough to purchase the 50 billionth app will win a $10,000 App Store Gift Card. In addition, those people who download one of the first 50 apps after they hit 50 billion, will win a US$500 App Store gift card. You can also enter to win without making a purchase by sharing personal data at this link.

CNET has more about Apple’s history of App Store promos:

Apple’s last big contest for the App Store was for the 25 billion benchmark last March. Chunli Fu, a customer from Qingdao, China was winner, and nabbed a $10,000 gift card and a trip to one of Apple’s stores to pick it up. More recently, Apple paid out a 10,000 Euro iTunes gift card for the 25th billion song sold on iTunes back in February.