Apple Continues to Crush the Tablet Competition

Rumors are circulating today that Microsoft might be considering a ridiculously low price on MS Surface tablet, and after I saw these new stats from IHS iSuppli I could see why.

According to iSuppli’s analysts, Apple sold 17 million iPads last quarter, giving the gadget maker a 70% market share. This is a boost of about 5 million tablets from the first quarter of this year, and it is probably due to the new iPad and cheaper iPad 2.

Samsung came in second with around 2.2 million tablets sold last quarter, and Amazon came in a solid and respectable 3rd place with 1 million Kindle Fires sold. Note that Amazon only has the 1 tablet to sell while Samsung had a dozen.  That means the KF is doing a lot better than you might think.

And the KF is clearly doing better than any of the enhanced readers made by B&N. The soon-to-be ex-retailer sold only 460 thousand Nook Tablets last quarter. That’s so small that it’s about the size of Apple’s rounding errors.