Apple Confident That AT&T Can Fix its Network Issues – Or Are They Simply Waiting to Chuckle on Wednesday?

You have to give Apple credit for sticking by underperforming partners. Let’s see what AT&T has done for iPhone customers so far.

– Remove text messages from the basic voice+data plan
– Be incredibly late to provide MMS (multimedia messaging service)
– Make the process of using AT&T WiFi hotspots in Starbucks incredibly difficult for many months
– Unable to provide a 3G tethering option

And, of course, there’s the infamous Verizon vs. AT&T 3G coverage debate. Despite this all, Bloomberg reports that…

Apple’s Cook Says AT&T Will Improve Wireless Network for IPhone

There’s lots of speculation that Apple will announce on Wednesday that the iPhone will be available from Verizon later this year. And, there even a rumor that the iPhone will be available from any carrier. Either development would reduce AT&T’s difficult to manage 3G data usage growth since the iPhone 3G became available in the summer of 2008. Yes, that’s right, AT&T 3G data growth problems are less than 2 years old. The original iPhone introduced in 2007 uses the slower EDGE network.