Apple Charges Ahead of Google on Brand Ranking Chart

Apple leads the sixth annual BrandZ report put out by WPP research firm Millward Brown. The brand, valued at $153.3 billion, overtakes Google, which is valued at $111.5 million. Google is still tops as the most desired tech brand.

Apple’s value spiked 84 percent with help from the iPhone and iPad. Facebook debuts at number 35 on the list, increasing 246 percent in brand value over the past year. According to BrandZ, Facebook’s rise as an aggregator is significant. Perhaps we’ll see yet another changing of the guard next year?

Chinese search engine Baidu is number 29 on the list. Click here for a video from Millward Brown, highlighting some of this year’s findings.

Amazon has also moved ahead of Walmart to become the top retail brand. Still, it’s tech that’s making the biggest impact on the list.

“While the meteoric rise of these technology brands is compelling, equally important is their impact, as brands in every product sector respond to the fast-changing world of digitized and disintermediated information,” the report says.

“Brand success,” the report goes on, is determined by recognizing the change in the way we view consumers demographically and “allowing customers to self identify, form groups, and access utilities and dynamic well-built libraries of information.”