Apple Changed iPad Magazine Subscription Policy. Move to Help its Newstand?

Hearst Communications iPad apps

Hearst Communications iPad apps
For many months after the iPad’s release Apple did not allow publishers to offer subscriptions for their iPad magazines. This combined with most publishers choosing to price their iPad magazines at prices higher than the paper ones did not help an iPad magazine industry to grow. MacRumors reported on Apple’s subscriptions policy change that is probably welcomed by publishers. How it will affect subscription prices, if any, is not yet known.

Apple Reverses Course On In-App Subscriptions [Apple Confirms]

Previously, Apple required that a publication’s content in the app be the same as what is offered elsewhere. It also stipulated that the magazine app’s price by the same or less than what is offered outside of the app. Apple’s revised rules state that publishers can set subscription prices to whatever they want as long as there is no link or button in the app that leads the user to a subscription offer outside of the app.

Does this mean that in-app iPad magazine subscription prices will go up soon?