Appirio’s ReferMyFriends Connects Salesforce to Facebook to Help Companies Generate More Referrals

Appirio, one of the leading developers of enterprise applications for Salesforce, has released a new Facebook application that makes it easier for companies using Salesforce’s CRM solutions to reach potential customers and hires on Facebook.

The new ReferMyFriends application integrates with SalesForce to let marketers publish their campaigns to Facebook (it’s as simple as ticking a checkbox on the Salesforce campaign settings). Marketers can then login to the ReferMyFriends application on Facebook, which suggests Facebook friends who might be a good match for the marketing campaign at hand. Once users are selected, invitations are sent to those friends, and Appirio tracks responses on the Salesforce backend.

Appirio’s ReferMyFriends is one of the first applications built on new tools created through Salesforce’s strategic partnership with Facebook announced last November. The two companies have created a toolkit for Salesforce app developers called “ for Facebook” which allows developers to build apps that connect to the Facebook APIs.

ReferMyFriends is one of the first enterprise applications we’ve seen built with the new toolkit to be deployed on the Facebook platform.