AppHero Raises $1.8 Million for Facebook-Enabled Recommendation Service

AppHero, a recommendation service for mobile applications that connects through Facebook, has raised $1.8 million from MERS Ventures, Golden Venture Partners, ENIAC Ventures, and other investors.  The Toronto-based company plans to use the funds to build out the platform and to expand its team.

Launched in 2011, AppHero scours your activity and social data on Facebook to figure out what you like and recommend the appropriate iPhone and iPad apps.

“Consumers have been paralyzed by the sheer volume of apps, and often miss out on the ones that are truly best for them,” said Jordan Satok, founder and CEO of AppHero in a statement. “We have focused on building an innovative recommendation platform with a simple user experience to match users with apps they will love. “

AppHero looks at things like your age, gender, and location as well as likes and shares.  Right now, the app doesn’t read your status updates, although Satok told TechCrunch that this is in the works.

The system continues to fine-tune your recommendations with each app that you download. As with Pandora and Netflix, you can train AppHero to give you better results by clicking the “not interested” button if you don’t like the apps it recommends. It also keeps track of which apps your friends are downloading and recommending.

As for the funding, the first $1.3 million came from venture capital firms MERS Ventures, Golden Venture Partners, and ENIAC Ventures, as well as angel investors and seed funds. AppHero raised the remaining $500,000 from undisclosed sources. Explained Satok, “this new funding allows us to continue growing our team to make our social recommendation platform more intelligent and expand to other verticals.”

Image by Dukes via Shutterstock.