AppData Virality Report: 10 Facebook Apps that Grew Virally This Week

While some observers have called the Facebook Platform “dead,” they apparently didn’t speak for everyone. While it’s true that many “widget-only” applications have experienced a sharp traffic decline since getting booted off the profile page and others have seen mixed results, many social applications have continued to thrive.

But which ones exactly? Our sister site AppData is a helpful tool for spotting viral applications that are creating innovative user experiences and growing quickly. Using AppData’s weekly gainers charts, let’s take a look at 10 applications that experienced significant viral growth this week:

1. Snowball FightUp 160,000 MAU (238%) this week

2. CrushUp 690,000 MAU (89%) this week

3. Geo Challenge by Playfish – Up 722,000 MAU (49%) this week

4. Holiday ShoppeUp 84,000 MAU (286%) this week

5. Vampires by Zynga – Up 126,000 MAU (67%) this week

6. Is Cool by – Up 181,000 MAU (42%) this week

7. SimilaireUp 175,000 MAU (39%) this week

8. Quizzes by Eric Diep – Up 213,000 MAU (33%) this week

9. Throw SnowballsUp 83,000 MAU (298%) this week

10. Poker PalaceUp 105,000 MAU (25%) this week

Clearly, the Facebook Platform is still alive.

AppData is the easiest way to track application growth trends on Facebook. Want to find out which apps are growing on the Facebook Platform? AppData‘s leaderboards and historical data can help you see who’s achieving the most reach, engagement, and growth over time on Facebook.