NoLimit Apps Show Gifting Can Still Go Viral

Basic applications based on “gifting” or “tossing” virtual items, such as food or pillows, were once a staple of the Facebook platform. As Facebook tightened their platform policies, however, a number of once hyper-viral gift apps quickly faded into obscurity. Nevertheless, NoLimit Solutions‘ recent toss-app successes show that this approach can still be effective.

In NoLimit’s Pass a Drink, users can send and receive a variety of virtual drinks, and the app follows the basic toss template that is common across the Facebook platform. Pass A Drink includes a scoring system that is based on both invitations sent and invitations accepted which may be contributing to the app’s success. Notably, the app currently has a daily invite allocation of 24 invites.

For NoLimit, Pass a Drink has thus far been an overwhelming success, as the app has rapidly ascended into the 17th position on the AppData application leader board. In the past 30 days the app has gained over 2 million MAU (up 110%). Building off of their success with Pass a Drink, NoLimit recently pushed out Pass A Gift using the same template. Pass a Gift has already experienced spectacular early growth, and has risen to over 380k MAUs.

Clearly, the Facebook platform still offers unparalleled opportunities for viral growth. Whether or not these applications can continue their run remains to be seen.