AppData: JibJab Replicates ElfYourself Success on Facebook

Jibjab’s ever popular creation, ElfYourself, is a major digital marketing success story. Building on the campaign’s success last year, this holiday season Jibjab partnered with OfficeMax to promote the ElfYourself experience across the web, including a Facebook app that has recently experienced tremendous growth, according to AppData.

The application is essentially a shell of the external site experience, as the .com is actually the home of the full video creation functionality. The screenshot above is of the app’s canvas page, which includes little more than the image pictured that redirects to the external site. You can also post a link to your customized ElfYourself video on your profile page. Clearly, this “app” was merely a small part of a larger distribution strategy.

AppData for ElfYourself

This small part seems to have paid off. In the past 30 days, the app has grown nearly 3000% and has been shared with nearly 750,000 Facebook users. Given the simplicity and success to date of this application, tapping into the Facebook platform was clearly low-hanging fruit for the already hyper-viral ElfYourself campaign.

Note: OfficeMax contacted us to let us know that the campaign was actually created by them starting in 2006. They partnered with JibJab in 2008 to assist with this year’s edition, including the Facebook app.

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